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In-Store Pick Up Ordering Available!
In-Store Pick Up Ordering Available!

Hey man!

How high are ya’?

Welcome to Feelin’ Groovy, we have everything that you can think of and all of the stuff that you’ve forgotten about.

Our Cosmic Mission:

At the core of our mission, it’s all about the belief that everyone should be able to lay their hands on top-notch smoking gear that takes your chill session to a whole new level. Dane’s been picking out our stuff since forever, making sure it’s got that groovy craftsmanship and functionality. Whether you’re a seasoned toker or just starting your journey, Feelin’ Groovy’s got your back.

Groovy Staff

Our staff isn’t just here for the 9-to-5 grind; they’re fellow enthusiasts who dig what you dig. We’re here to answer your burning questions, lay down some righteous recommendations, and guide you on your journey to the ultimate sesh. We believe in spreading knowledge, man, ’cause the more you know, the better your trip.

Quality and Far-Out Ideas

We’re always cruising on the cutting edge of the scene. Dane and our crew keep their eyes peeled for the latest and greatest in smoking tech and gear, so you can kick back and enjoy the best the market has to offer. We’ve got mind-bending glassware, and our vaporizers are outta this world, man. We also sell more groovy products like Kratom, CBD & THC Products, Posters, Incense and so much more….

Your Satisfaction, Our High Priority:

Your satisfaction is like, super important to us, dude. We’re totally behind the quality of our gear, and our customer service is as chill as it gets. If you’ve got questions, concerns, or just want to share your cosmic thoughts, don’t be shy. Your experience with us is what keeps us groovin’, and Feelin’ Groovy is all about making it a cosmic ride.

Thanks for choosing Feelin’ Groovy as your go-to spot for primo smoking gear. Swing by our stores in Paducah, KY and Anna, IL, catch us on the social scene, and become part of our far-out community. Together, we’re taking your smoking experience to the stars, man.